The Consultation



We meet with you at your home, where we can examine the kitchen space in person and discuss your needs and vision.  Our sales team is more than just that, they are trained in building codes, design and estimation and in mnay cases they can provide you with a very real estimate on the spot, with no hidden fees or surprises to come.



Once you choose the design that is right for you or your family, we will put together a build proposal.  The proposal will include an itemized breakdown of everything that needs to be done accompanied by a detailed description.  In some cases, where demolition is required, or you may want to carry elements of the build from the kitchen through the rest of the home, we will recommend a trusted Renomark™ partners. You will be able to review our standard payment structure and budget-friendly payments options at this time as well.  We will be glad to email you the design, scope of work and agreement details with your project.

Pre-Build Inspection



We inspect the kitchen space, make sure what you desire is feasible.  We review structural, grade, plumbing, mechanical, and clearance allowances within and feeding to the kitchen before finalizing the kitchen design drawn up in your home.  At Penguin Kitchens we want to ensure the final design considers budget, any limiting factors and most of all desired functionality of your new kitchen before we progress to the build.  And, if the space requires any special trades to ensure the kitchen is ready for construction, we will suggest that in advance.  In most cases, our Design Consultants can estimate a range of costs at the first sitting back at our office.



The right build always begins with a professional design.  Our design consultants are well-versed at creating clever concepts to maximize the space, ceiling height, lighting, functionality and overall look and feel of any kitchen.  Our design consultants will create up to 3 unique concepts to help you easily envision your space with the floor, walls, tables and fixtures all included.  We welcome all of your input and ideas at this stage in the process because we want to create the perfect space together.

The Design Plan



plan details



At this stage, we will invite you to our design center.  Here you are able to select the perfect fixtures and finishes that will compliment your design.  There will be no need to travel to big box stores to hunt for the perfect finish, as we have hundreds of selection options that you are sure to fall in love with.  If you do want to supply your own finishes, we welcome you to do so, as well.  We just ask that you have them ready and on-site at the start of the project!  We’ve created a one-stop design shop to help our customers get the very best in quality finishes in a design that will compliment the entire kitchen.




Track your Build.  We use our proven customer portal developed for Penguin Basements, where you will be able to track the progress of your build, review and respond to contractor notes, ask questions and review pictures.  It is a great way for you to get involved with the build without getting covered in dust.  And speaking of dust, while we use dust curtains to create a sealed environment to keep dust contamination in the rest of the home to a minimum, we do recommend that you consider moving outside the home during part of the build as we will need to turn off the plumbing and electrical at various stages of the build as well.  This will be covered in your personalized build Gantt chart.  We can also arrange a “concierge” service to help make this temporary disruption, well, as non-disruptive as possible.

The Promise



As you would expect, we stand unconditionally behind our products and service.  As BILD members we offer a Renomark™ recognized 2-year Service Warranty.  This becomes valid from the date of your project completion, as outlined in your project completion package.  We pride ourselves on building your kitchen primarily out of mold-free, non-organic materials for the walls and floors that carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Our warranties are all transferable which helps maximize the resale value of your investment.  We want our customers to share the peace of mind that comes from building their kitchen with durable materials that promote sustainable construction and industry-leading value!



Penguin works hard to continuously improve all of our business offerings.  No one is perfect, but we strive to be.  Any by and large, it pays off with the great customer reviews on HomeStars, Google, N49, Facebook and — the ones that really makes us smile — the emails and letters we receive thanking our staff members directly.  We are also proud to say we have been recognized with a HomeStars Best of 2017 Award, and recently, our second Consumers Choice Award in a row.  And aside from seeing more and more referral work as we grow, our customers are helping dictate the future of our businesses with request for new area of renovation specialization to consider.  It seems we must be doing something right.

Optional Financing



We understand that a  major renovation is a large investment for most families.  To help with that, we offer in-house financing and have some great partnerships with the major banks.  Your property’s value will significantly increase with a properly executed renovation, and we make sure to communicate this to lenders.  We have helped hundreds of homeowners throughout the GTA achieve monthly payments that meet or beat their lowest lender.  All our financing plans offer the benefit of open payments, wherein you can pay down the financing faster with no penalties.  Offers and discounts are offered O.A.C. and cannot be combined.  Pre-authorized payments may be required, and financing limits may apply.